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Guidance Notes 




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We want your project and your application to be successful. Please ensure you complete your application in accordance with these Guidance Notes, as the Trustees will refer to them in detail when assessing your application.


Please note that we are only able to accept applications from Parochial Church Councils in the Church of England Deanery of Colchester in the Diocese of Chelmsford.

If we have already made a grant to the Parish, we will be able to make a further decision no sooner than three years from the date of the previous grant.

Contact for this application

This needs to be a member of the Parochial Church Council; all our correspondence will be by email, but we would appreciate having telephone details in case of need.

Description of the Project

Please tell us what you are planning to do.

We are only able to support projects which develop, maintain, repair or conserve a Church building or another building which is a PCC asset (e.g. a Parish Hall).

We trust that the project is a feature of the Parish's mission strategy, and recognise that it may be more wide-ranging than just works to the premises. For instance, a repair may enable events to take place or resume; conservation may afford an opportunity for the general public to visit the premises, thereby providing mission opportunities; and you may be planning to add new features in order to expand what you do. In such cases, please tell us about the whole project, not just the building work.

Why the project is needed

We would like to hear what has prompted you to undertake the project. Whether for a repair or development of the premises, it will be required because you have plans for their use. You may have become aware of needs in the Parish, through research or ministry, which make the project vitally important; please tell us how you know this, and how it fits into your mission plans.

What the project will achieve

As you list the project's outcomes, please be specific about what you plan to achieve. Targets could include numbers of additional services or events, increases in numbers of people attending or being helped, and dates by which benefits are planned to be achieved.

When the project is likely to take place

For planning purposes, we would like to know when the funds are likely to be required. We will hold any Grant award for three years from the date of the award letter, but in the event that you will not be ready to use the funds within three years, we would like to know as soon as possible.

In that event, a formal grant award would lapse but we would invite you to update the application for it to be considered again.

Other comments and information

We expect that the above information will be enough for the Trustees to come to a decision. However, feel free to add any information or comments which you feel we should know as part of your application.


Architect's Plans

We would like the project to have been professionally scoped when you apply to us. You may have reached the detailed planning stage, or your architect may have just drawn up a summary of the works to prove the project's feasibility. Please send us what the architect has provided. If the building is subject to Faculty Jurisdiction Rules, it is also important to us that you have begun discussions with the Diocesan Advisory Committee, but we do not require that you have received their recommendation or have completed any Faculty requirements before you apply to us.

Outline costing of the Capital works

This may have been provided by the architect, or you may have approached a quantity surveyor or a contractor for an initial estimate.

Cost and Funding Plan

We would like to see your estimate of the total costs of the project, in addition to the cost of the Capital works; and to see how you plan for the project to be funded. We have provided a template for this, but you may devise your own.

Costs are likely to include estimated figures for Capital expenditure; a contingency in a percentage you consider appropriate to the circumstances; Architect's fees (which may be a fixed percentage of the cost of the works); other fees such as those of consultants and engineers, and fees for planning consents and inspections; purchases to be made by the Church - perhaps some small items for fit-out, and purchases for the wider elements of the project; and VAT which please include as a separate line.

Regarding funding, we would expect to see some contribution from the Church's reserves and/or local fundraising, and you may be making application to other funding bodies. Please list each planned source of income and whether it has been achieved. If the work is to a listed place of worship, we expect to see that you will be applying for a grant under the DCMS Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme.

We are able to offer a grant of up to 20% of the total Capital cost of the project (including VAT) with a maximum of £10,000. The Cost and Funding Plan will include the amount of the grant you are seeking from us, and will show that it is within the above percentage.

Other attachments

Please feel free to attach any documents in support of your application. You may have documentation which you would like to send us - perhaps survey results, a Business Plan, a leaflet or photographs. It would be helpful if these are in commonly-used file formats.

Sending the application

Please email the application to us at colchtrust@gmail.com.

We will acknowledge receipt, and intend to let you know our decision within six weeks. We reserve the right to contact you for more information, but may make the decision without doing so.

Our Trustees also commit to praying for your Parish and project, and would appreciate your prayers as we seek to bless the Parishes.




'We will not neglect the house of our God' Nehemiah 10:29

'Zeal for your house consumes me' Psalm 69:9; John 2:17


The Colchester Churches Charitable Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Registered number 1196920